From the desks of the DHS Administration team…

Ready or not, school will be back in session before we know it!  We are super pumped to welcome all of our senator families back to DHS next week as we host our Welcome Home Events.  Please read this information carefully so that you will know when to join us to get much wanted information!

On Tuesday, August 15th, we will welcome our 9th grade students back first. We know that 9th grade students and families need the most time to be able to learn about DHS, understand reading their schedules and take a tour of the building.  Senior students may join us at 7:30pm to receive their schedules, check the obligation’s list, pay for their parking spot and tour the building if needed.  Sophomore and Junior schedules and parking passes (as appropriate) will be available on August 17th, at 6pm and 7:30 pm respectively.  Please note that if there are multiple siblings in a household, if you are unable to join us at the intended times separately, please join us at the later time.  We will NOT have schedules available early for any grade level.  We will open Home Access up on Friday, August 18th by NOON.  For all programs, we will start in our Theatre.

August 15, 2017 August 17, 2017
6pm:  Class of 2021 6pm:  Class of 2019
7:30pm: Class of 2018 7:30pm: Class of 2020

Schedule change request forms will be available, but we can not guarantee changes at this point in the year.  If you wish to communicate with your counselor, please EMAIL them, they are working very hard to ensure completed schedules for next Tuesday and are limiting their phone availability. 

We encourage all of our parents to join their students on these evenings for many reasons!  We want to you to KNOW what classes your children are taking.  Additionally, we want to debut a brand-new school app that will allow our entire senator community to earn rewards by checking into events at DHS.  We are super excited to get everyone involved with this!  We also want our parents to visit our ESPN Table, Express Senator Partner Network, to learn about the ways to stay connected and to view our upcoming events!  


We are excited to see you all next week!