To most, The Nutcracker is a classic tale of magic and wonder, one that they can look back to and remember from their own young childhood days. Despite the lack of dialog in most ballet renditions, it’s a story that can still be fully appreciated and understood thanks to the music, dances, and sentiment attached to it. Almost anyone can agree that when they hear just a single part of one Nutcracker song, they are instantly reminded of the first time they went to see it. To some, it’s the imaginative backgrounds and costumes that have caused the fond memories to endure. To others, it’s the beautiful and lively dances that are performed with such strong passion. No matter what, the show leaves a lasting impression.

I myself can remember the first time I went to see the production, back when I was only in kindergarten. It was especially captivating since it was my first play, as was the case for most of my peers and even other children across the country. Today it remains the perfect opportunity for children to be whisked away into the world of theater and ballet, as it’s timeless story and portrayal encompasses everything magical about watching a performance unfold on the stage.

This weekend the Dance Conservatory & Ballet Theatre of Dover, which has been putting on the show for 22 years, will be performing at Dover High for the first time. The cast is made up of children as young as I was when I first saw it, to adults who have spent years falling in love with the story. There will be two shows on Saturday, one at 2 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m, and a 4 p.m. showing on Sunday. There will also be a special Nutcracker Tea held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, for those who wish to experience the play even more.

In case you haven’t already caught on, it’s a great way for children to first see the wonders of theater and for adults to recapture their own sentimental feelings.