Teachers, staff, and administration returned for a second year to the front yards of Dover High School students to celebrate their achievements on AP exams.

Last year 99 students were celebrated, but this 132 students scored a 3 or better on at least one exam for the 2016-17 school year. Sign posters met at Dover High School over the course of four days, mornings, afternoons, and evenings, to pile into a caravan of cars to deliver the good news.

Ms. Beck, who teaches AP European History and AP Human Geography loves seeing and celebrating her students over the summer and visiting for even a moment. “One family was just sitting down to pizza and invited us in to stay for dinner,” she remarked with a smile, “I just thought that was the sweetest thing.” Another crew was greeted with homemade cookies and a student wearing her AP HUG shirt.

“Celebrating the students and their families is a rewarding experience,” Dr. Voshell shared, “I am so happy we started this tradition at Dover High School.” Another tradition started was a little something for the parents, a new Express Student Parent Network (E.S.P.N) t-shirt.

Yard tours ended on Monday August 31st, but students and families can look forward to visits next summer. Keep your eye out around town, including in areas outside the district, for the blue and white signs celebrating students.

Students began receiving their scores at the start of July and took their exams during the first two weeks in May.