From the desk of Dr. Voshell:

The school year is off to a fantastic start!  In supporting our district’s strategic plan, our administrative team and school success planning teams have worked to debut new initiatives that help to support Senator Pride!  

At open house, we debuted our new school app, Dover Senators Rewards!  The application was designed with school spirit as the primary focus.  To download the free app, anyone can visit their app store or marketplace, search for Dover Senators, and download to start earning rewards by checking into different events. The app hosts six applications:  the event calendar, rewards, your account settings, a social feed, the fancam and the school store.  The events calendar is where you can find all of the different activities happening that involve our DHS students.  Many activities are athletic games, both home and away.  Additional activities include non-athletic events such as the early bird check in!  Staff can also check into events including PLCs, Faculty Meetings and other committee meetings.  Rewards are built into the app based upon points earned at different check-ins.  Throughout the year additional awards will be given to support student on time to school and parent involvement as well as other sponsored items we are working on throughout the year. The social feed allows our entire community to see posts to facebook and twitter whether you have an account or not.  The fancam is a built in camera system that promotes student and community pride, take photos showcasing your blue and white to see them displayed!  And last but not least, we will be debuting our school store within the next month.  This means you will be able to order stock items online and have them shipped directly to your house.  Be on the lookout for that launch date!

This past week, we introduced our new social media interns!  This summer our administrative team went to a National Principal’s Conference and learned how other schools were involving student voice through social media but allowing students who were involved in journalism, photography and/or marketing to assist with school social media accounts.  Through collaboration with Mrs. Louder (journalism teacher) and Mrs. Ridgway (marketing instructor) we are so excited to have these interns on board and ready to go!  The purpose of the social media intern position is to provide a daily positive student level voice to our community and stakeholders regarding the educational and extracurricular activities at DHS through social media. Each intern represents a grade level: 9th grade: Campbell Gibson, 10th grade: Azaria Lewis, 11th grade: Mai Gibson and 12th grade: Becca Jawahar.  The intern’s duties are as follows:

  • To communicate with one another on the events at DHS to push out information to students, parents and our community.
  • To post (at least) 1 photo per day in the Instagram Platform that  showcases a positive aspect of our educational programming (both academic or nonacademic).
  • To caption their post with a solid description of why they posted that photo.
  • To support clubs/activities to help push out announcements regarding meetings, fundraisers or other activities happenings

So, if you are a club advisor or member, feel free to contact one of our interns to help promote your story!  The more we know, the more we can show!  

I also want to take this opportunity to share that we are continuously focused on hearing the voice of our students.  We invite our students to participate on our school committees to ensure student voice is heard.  We will also be starting our Junior Faculty, led by Mr. Turner, in October, whose ultimate priority is student feedback.  The Junior Faculty has been working on an instructional feedback template and will be implementing that soon, if you are interested in joining this work, please let him know.  It is also important to understand that as the Principal, our administrative team also has to make decisions that sometimes appear as though we had no feedback from students when, in most cases, we did.  

If you ever have a concern or question regarding items that pertain to Dover High School my door is always open.  I say this because sometimes I see students post items online, tagging us in twitter or instagram, rather than coming to ask personally.  While I, and my administrative team, don’t mind responding, some conversations are best held face to face.  Your high school experience will be what you put into it, make it the best you can!  

Senator Up!

Dr. V