Peer Group Connection (PGC) is a program that evidently creates a successful transition from middle school to high school for incoming freshman. The program started at Dover High School two years ago, and continues to have a rewarding impact on not only these freshman, but the juniors and seniors who lead them. These upperclassmen have enrolled in a year long leadership course, taught by school faculty in regular school hours, in which they learn the importance of how to strengthen relationships and bridge the gap between the grades of high school.

Nadeem Boggerty, Senior class president and PGC leader confirms this, “PGC at Dover High School  is a student led outreach with 2 Senior students and about 15-17 freshman. We try to guide and help connect to them on their level by doing activities and scenarios they may encounter throughout high school.” 

PGC is hosting a Freshman family night on January 24th, for the freshman and their families to see the significance and effect of this program.

Boggerty was able to explain this night as a way for parents of these Freshman to engage in a quick summary of what PGC does for their children, and to see if the influence of PGC is changing anything that may be wrong inside of these students’  households. “So we’ll do a quick outreach that we would do with our Freshman, mingle, food, and some games. Just have a good time.” Boggerty shared.

Boggerty is not the only one excited for this event, as senior leader Harry Cooke also expresses enthusiasm for the PGC Freshman night. “I’m excited to see the parents and for them to hear how their kids are actually feeling about PGC, and hope to see how we are making a difference for these Freshman,” Cooke remarked.

Cooke and Boggerty are only two of the many upperclassmen who are passionately involved in creating a successful night for PGC Freshman and their families.

PGC has a big influence on both under and upperclassmen, and the significance of this Freshman night is to show parents the benefits of the program.