Positive Behavior Support, or PBS, has been supported by the University of Delaware at Dover High School for the past few years. Headed by DHS teachers, Dr. Carter and Mr. Bailey, and supported by all administration, PBS is present all throughout our school and even in events such as sports games and the organization is in need of feedback from students, parents, and the Dover High School community.

Dr. Carter says that the survey is given to track the support of kids in a positive way. Another positive aspect of the PBS survey is the connection to the program it will make to families of students who participate. “Parents have total access due to the electronic accessibility of the survey and its presence on social media,” Dr. Carter explained.

Carter also expressed that parents may not always be taking total advantage of this opportunity. Parent input has increased over the years but it is still pretty low. PBS would love for more parents to reach out and give their inputs on the survey.

The most important part of the PBS survey at Dover High is to hear the student’s voices in addition to the parents. Carter says, “Every voice should be heard, and that is the most important thing about PBS.”

With a positive influence such as PBS, students are able to broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives, and Dover High School encourages everyone to speak out about the program.

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PBS is known as America’s biggest classroom and a window to the world for students. As the largest public media enterprise, this support organization helps prepare students for the world in an appropriate and applicable way by exploring new ideas. The content present in PBS expands the minds of children in not only academic, but musical, theatrical, and artistic settings.