Parking at Dover High School has undergone numerous changes over the summer. The main changes occurring are that all students are parking in the same lot, teachers are moving lots, new passes have been created, and students can lose their privilege to park.

The East Lot for all student parking

Students are used to separate lots for seniors and juniors, but this year all students will be parking in one student lot. The lot will be located on the right of the school in what was formerly the senior lot or East Student Lot. Any student with a pass must park in this area, which will be clearly labeled by new signage. Student signage and hang tags look very different from teachers to help avoid confusion. Students may enter through either entrance off Dover High Drive. There are a total of 157 spots for student parking, but only 25 left at this moment.

The new staff parking lot, the South Lot, at the rear of the building

For any teachers in the C wing, history, freshman academy, and science teachers specifically, parking will be where it has always been, in the East Lot. Teachers in the A, B, and H wings will all park in the rear of the building in the South Lot, which is nothing new for the H wing teachers. The main reason for this change is due to traffic issues. Juniors would try to leave at the end of the day from the South Lot at the same time as the buses, and it caused back ups in the rear of the building. The teachers day ends at 2:50pm, which will allow for traffic to exit more successfully at the end of the day.

New hang tags, staff, KCCS staff, and students

In order to obtain a parking pass or DHS hangtag, students must fill out the parking form and have a parent signature. Proof of insurance and registration is also required. Passes cost $20 and will be given on a first come first serve basis. Students on the obligation list must any owed obligations before a pass can be purchased. All students will receive a hangtag, which will designate where they are to park. Just as a forewarning, students must ensure their hangtag is displayed at all times. “If they don’t have a pass they are getting towed,” Dr. Voshell shared, “That way we know who is parking where.”

The biggest changes concern student accountability for parking at Dover High School. Many of the rules from years past apply, such as operating the vehicle safely, not driving any more than 15 mph on school grounds, and no sale or rental of hangtags to other students. Students may lose parking privileges for the aforementioned reasons, but also for several new reasons as outlined in the Parking on Campus form:

  1. Leaving campus without permission
  2. Offenses committed by students which are determined by administration as inappropriate
  3. Suspension OSS for 5 or more days
  4. Poor attendance or tardiness

“We had issues with students going to Wawa or McDonalds when they are not supposed to, so now they can lose their pass if they choose to do that during school,” Ms. Negron, in Student Services, shared. Parking passes are a privilege, not a right. There are many students who wish to park, but with only 157 spaces, so not everyone will get the opportunity. If a student breaks a rule or regulation for parking, that pass number will open up and be available for another student. Is a student’s pass is lost or stolen, another one can not be given or purchased.

Speaking of Ms. Negron, she is exactly who students must see to obtain a pass. Visit A117 ASAP to reserve your parking pass for this school year. The office is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm.

Need a copy of the parking form? Parking on Campus 2017-18