By: Michael McClain


This is cadet Major Michael Desmond-Klim. Michael is the DE-081 Corps Commander. The Corps Commander has a very important role in the Corps. This person is in charge of everyone else, he has to make sure everything is done correctly, and makes sure that all jobs are being done. For him, the hardest part of being in JROTC was switching from being a follower to being a leader and having the responsibility of being in charge of basically everything with the approval of Major and Senior. “The thing I like the most is Raiders because it’s a physical activity as well as a team bonding exercise.” Michael states when asked what is the most fun thing in JROTC to you. Lastly, Klim is involved in Raiders, Color Guard, and Drill Team and hopes to improve the Corps, so that it is better next year than it is this year.



This is Cadet Captain Nicholas Paxton. Nick is the 810 Operations Squadron Commander. The Operations Squadron Commander is the second in charge and is in charge of the Club Commanders in the Corps. Takes care of making the announcements for every week. “The hardest part of being in JROTC was my first year because it was a new environment and I needed to get used to it.” says Nick when asked what the hardest part of being in JROTC is. For him, the most fun thing is going on all the campouts that the Corps goes on. He is a member of the Drill Team, and Cyberpatriot. His goal for the year is to inspire the first years so they come back as leaders.



This is Cadet Captain Austin Hardesty. Austin is the 811 Support Squadron Commander. His job is important because he is the one that keeps up on the information that goes on within the Corps. For him, the hardest part of AFJROTC was learning how to be sharp with the rifle movements and how to do them correctly. “The most fun thing to do in the program for me is Color Guard because it’s what I do best. Besides that I am a member of the Drill Team, and Quadcopters.” Austin said when he was asked what other clubs. He was involved in and what his favorite thing in the Corps was. His goal for this school year is to get Corps Commander for the second semester and to lead his flight to honor flight for the year.



This is Cadet Captain Taylor Purner, she is the 812 Logistics Squadron Commander. Taylor is the person in charge of making sure the storage room is in order and the uniforms are all accounted for and distributed correctly. For the past three years Taylor said the hardest part of being in JROTC is adjusting to new flight commanders. For her, the most fun thing in the program is the clubs because you get to meet so many new people from different units and branches and make more friends. Taylor is a volleyball and lacrosse player at Dover High and she is involved with the clubs within the Corps. This year, she hopes to be as successful as possible as a Corps and make a lasting impact. She also hopes to make this year as enjoyable as her freshman so the freshman this year will return.