For the 2016-17 school year, security officers no longer patrolled the hallways of DHS, but were replaced by three School Safety Monitors or SSMs, all of whom were former police officers.

All three constables have worked for 20 years or more in the police force. The officers are Charles Woodard, Berry Jones, and Vincent Green.

Officer Woodard wanted to work here because of his previous experience in the Dover Police Department, and shared that “In Dover PD, I worked with juveniles and thought I would be a perfect fit.” Officer Woodard also has worked with the community and specialized in community training.

Officer Jones formerly worked for the New York Police Department for 20 years. “I specialized in disorder control, security survey, and hazardous materials,” he shared, “I was always a natural protector; I think I can be able to protect our students and staff.”

The NYPD also was home to Officer Green. “I worked in the Gang Unit, counter terrorism, undercover, and school safety,” and enjoyed the impact he was able to make upon the community. He feels like his career in the NYPD is something that can positively impact DHS as well, “I wanted to make a difference. I wanted the kids to feel safe when they are learning so they can be successful, so they don’t have to worry about not feeling safe.” The biggest concern among students is not their experience or intentions, but the fact that they will be armed. Officers are approved to carry weapons through a conceal carry permit and, like our School Resource Officer, (SRO) Officer Stevenson, have been trained for when and where to use that weapon.

Officers have some fun and chat with students in the cafe

The officers reassured that, “We would only withdraw our gun if faced with deadly force or if their was another gun involved.” They are here to protect the staff and students of Dover High School, just as the SRO has done for years without incident.

Throughout the year, the constables could be seen in the hallway during class time, each one patrolling a specific floor. During all four lunches, they were in the cafe, often conversing with students. Meetings, bus duty, activities, practices, they really were visible everywhere.

All three constables will be returning to Dover High School in the fall of 2017.