Mr. James Bailey has been staff-elected as Dover High School’s new “Teacher ofthe Year” for the 2017-18 school year. Both Bailey and his students claim he won the award through his motivation, involvement and compassion for his students.

Mr. Bailey is a teacher who mainly helps students who are behind in credits, their grades, etc. He says he is honored and humbled by the award, and that it will only motivate him to continue his job. “I’m old enough to know that titles don’t change you,” Bailey says. He makes a metaphor with money, saying it “doesn’t change your character, it only amplifies it.” His positive attitude is precisely what DHS encourages among staff and students and he directly promotes it in his classroom.

Bailey’s students have mentioned some fantastic qualities about him, even furthering his reasons for winning this award. Isaiah Richardson, a proud student of Bailey says, “Bailey goes completely out of his way to help students where they most need it.” In fact, Isaiah’s a walking example of it. His educational career was almost halted due to his grades, but Bailey rebounded his downward spiral and now he only needs a few credits to graduate. He says the award is a way to prove to other schools our exceptional staff and role models amongst the community.

Another loyal student, Julian Torez, says his teacher is “on top,” being one of the best teachers he’s had. Torez says he gives students a chance, and helps them no matter what their situation or background is.

Many students just want to know teachers care and want to be supportive, which are definitely strong attributes for this year’s teacher of the year.