Earnhardt visits with DHS reporters in 2014

Dale Earnhardt Jr, Nascar’s  most popular driver for the last 14 years, is retiring after the 2017 season. He has a legacy that will last forever and his name will be embedded in the history of Nascar. In his 19 seasons of racing he started in 624 races with 26 wins. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of wins under his belt like some of the other competitors; he has changed the lives of many for the better by example. Dale Jr has climbed to the top as being one of the best competitors in his field. To many who wonder what he is going to do since he’s not racing, he will be starring on TV in a DIY show with his wife on TV in the near future. On his last trip  at the Monster recently, he did pretty well in the Dover race. Even though his fans would have loved to seem him win, I believe that we are happy to see him finish strong.


The fans just love Dale Jr, he is the type of person to be himself. Regardless  of how famous or big he has gotten. Dale Jr is very interactive with every fan he gets a chance to meet with. Just a few years ago he came to Dover High and sat down with ten of our reporters in the principal’s conference room! He wore a hoodie, jeans, t-shirt, and a backwards hat and he was very laid back. “It made interviewing him incredibly easy and took away some of the nervousness our reporters were feeling. I was really impressed that a man, a celebrity in the Nascar community, could be so down to earth. It truly took me aback,” shared advisor, Mrs. Lesley Louder.

The Earnhardt legacy, Dale Jr’s dad was the one of the most iconic driver’s in the history of Nascar. His dad was an incredible driver and was able to drive that number 3  racecar like no else has ever had or has ever seen before. The legacy that his dad created allowed Dale Jr to create his mark on the sport forever, which would leave a legacy that is unforgettable. While being voted the Nascar “Most Popular Driver” for the last 14 years, his fan base is one of the most hardcore fanbases out there, and you could compare them to the fan base of the Philadelphia Eagles. In an article done by ESPN about a highlight Earnhardts history at Dover it states, “It was the first NASCAR Cup race after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Earnhardt’s victory lap with the United States flag was one of the more emotional, patriotic moments in a sport that thrives on emotion and patriotism.”