From the desk of: Dr. Pinkett 

Student voice was strong last spring as athletic shorts became the topic of conversation with regards to being school appropriate or not the appropriate length.  Twice, over the summer, a student dress code committee convened to discuss what students would like to see as acceptable to our staff and administration.  The result is a set of clear guidelines for the dress code to be piloted at Dover High School for this school year.

Students who violate rules of the dress code will be given proper attire from the school clothing closet so that he/she may return to class and continue the learning process. In some cases, the Dean of Students may choose to contact parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school for the student so he/she may return to class to continue the learning process. Continued violations of the dress code will subject the student to disciplinary action.

The following items were approved to be piloted:

  • Cold shoulder shirts are allowed, but no spaghetti straps

  • Keyhole tops are allowed as long as the keyhole is above the armpit in length
  • Mesh Tops as long as undergarments and stomach and inappropriate areas are covered
  • Ripped Jeans: there should be no slips,rips.or holes that reveal inappropriate areas of the body or higher than 7 inches above the knee. If a hole is equal or  larger than the palm of your hands it’s not approved.
  • Yoga pants are okay as long as your shirt covers your behind

The committee was very specific about males also breaking the dress code regularly.  Students want to see pants pulled up and no underwear showing.  They also feel that all shirts that show inappropriate items should not be tolerated.  This includes suggestion of beer or marijuana (other drug references), the confederate flag, wife beaters, and graphic tee’s that are inappropriate.

Feedback will be collected this year from students, parents, and staff to determine if a recommendation to the district should be to present these changes to our Board of Education for permanent change.  It is important to note that while this pilot is being conducted at DHS, it will not be the same at other schools in our district.