By: Tajah Harris

Only three hours between the city that never sleeps and the first state, and yet, they couldn’t be different.

While living in both, it’s evident that both states have their unique traits and their flaws. Coming from the big city of New York to the suburban life of Delaware, the major and minor differences were definitely startling. From the differences between the school environment, to the contradictory attitudes of New Yorkers and Delawareans; these two states are polar opposites.

Attending New York schools my entire life, it’s clear Delaware schools have a completely different vibe. First of all, the lunches are completely different. The school that I went to only offered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with semi-expired white milk. In Dover High, there are plenty of hot and cold food options with three different milks to choose from.

Dover High is at least four times larger than my old school with more sports teams. There’s actual space to practice for games, where as my school had to practice in local parks after school and on weekends. Hearing complaints from my classmates about Dover High causes me to laugh. Dover High School, in comparison to the schools in New York, is a complete and absolute luxury.

Aside from the urban to suburban school life, the Delawarean attitudes are without a doubt one of the most surprising things about this state. There is a stereotype that all New Yorkers are rude, which I can say first hand is completely true. In New York, people try their hardest to not speak to each other or they speak with attitudes. I can’t say the same for Delaware. I was not expecting to hear so many “Hi’s” and “Have a nice day’s” all the time, but I was immediately greeted with sweet smiles as soon as I stepped foot in Delaware. Everyone is so polite and nice; it used to be slightly suspicious because I wasn’t really used to that. Of course there are nice and mean people everywhere, but the majority of nice people seem to be here.

New York and Delaware are, without a doubt, completely different from one another. But, having experienced what it’s like to live in both of these states, it’s clear to see that they have one thing in  common: they are special in their own unique ways.