By Dominic Morrell

Dover High School is a fairly common name; there are Dover High Schools in Ohio, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New York, and Oklahoma, but do they have anything in common with our Dover High?


Ohio Dover High School, Ohio is a small, urban school. They use a 7-period-per-day schedule, offering 8 AP courses and Honors courses, as well as post-secondary courses at a nearby university. Language courses include Spanish and Chinese. Their band, choir, and drama groups are award-winning. Just like Dover High School, Delaware, their most popular sport is football, followed closely by basketball. Dover High’s mascot is the Dover Tornadoes. Their cafeteria serves Domino’s Pizza on Tuesdays.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the Green Waves are Dover High School’s mascot. Dover High, New Hampshire teaches Spanish, French, and Latin, the exact same languages as Dover High, Delaware. They offer 10 AP courses. The Tide is Dover High School’s newspaper. Dover High’s cell phone policy is the same as ours. Their sports include baseball, football, and basketball, in addition to more uncommon ones such as ice hockey or skiing. Their cafeteria offers themed lunches.

New Jersey

The Dover Tigers dwell in Dover, New Jersey. Most classes at Dover High, NJ are identical to those here. The schedule has 8 periods per day. Different amounts of credits are given for different subject areas. All electronic devices must remain off and out of sight throughout the day. Languages include French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Dover High has career programs with nearby colleges and universities.


Dover High, Arkansas is a rural high school in the middle of nowhere. The school is very small, with only 475 students. They have a limited selection of courses, and few AP courses. The only language DHS offers is Spanish. They do, however, have a Gifted and Talented program.


Our high school just opened to its new school in the fall of 2014. We can house upwards of 2000 students. We offer many AP courses and have many students who are awarded the distinction of AP Scholar. We offer French, Spanish, and Latin. We have every sport under the sun, well except for a few, and have many clubs to add to that. Our new cafeteria features well-dressed staff serving up lunch college style with many options every day from which we can choose. Even compared to others, there is only one Dover High School to us, and it is all ours!