By: Nathanael Grubb

Dover High School students are contributing to the cause of conservation in Delaware with the Conservation Poster Contest run by the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD).

The NACD felt that the lack of conservation in the U.S. is a huge and detrimental problem, so they set up this contest to raise awareness in participating schools.

This year, DHS placed in all 6 scoring categories. This was no surprise to Ms. Taylor, the FFA advisor who said “We have had winners every year for the past 5 years.” In the 7th and 9th grade division, Olivia Matthews, Emily Synoski and Jeffrey Martine won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. In the 10th-12th grade division, all 11th graders won, namely, Abrianna Asante, Natavia Galloway and Sabrina Krueger in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, also respectively.

Artwork by: Erika Synoski
2nd Place 7-9 Division


Dr. Voshell is very excited about the students work, “We also have Abrianna Asante’s poster continuing on to the National Contest, which should announce the winners by the end of the month and are so very proud of all of them!”

The contest instructed participants to create an artistic poster illustrating how healthy soil is full of life. “I take natural resources and ecology with Ms. Taylor,”  shared poster winner Erika Synoski, “I was shocked to hear that I had won.”


Many of the students’ works detailed trees and their surrounding environment, showing how much they profit off of having healthy soil and a thriving ecosystem. The contest has a theme each year, this year being “Healthy Soils are Full of Life,” that highlight the work of conservation districts and their state conservation associations. The main concept of this initiative is to find out how well each state/area is at conserving the ecosystem and preventing natural waste.

The fact that Dover High School has won every possible place for scoring in this competition speaks loudly for the city of Dover’s battle against negligence in nature. Perhaps next year DHS can continue their momentous winning streak.

Artwork by: Olivia Matthews
1st Place 7-9 Division

Artwork by: Natavia Galloway
2nd Place 10-12 Division

Artwork by: Jeffery Martine
3rd Place 7-9 Division

Artwork by: Sabrina Krueger
3rd Place 10-12 Division