As we welcome 2018, the time has come to pick a new teacher of the year (ToY) for Dover High School. This year, the nomination process has undergone major changes which will allow students, teachers, parents, administration, and community members to nominate our teachers for this honor.

Every year a teacher from each school is selected to be ToY and to represent the school at the district level competition. The nominations for the teacher of the year used to come from just teachers in each individual building until a review of the process was requested by the The Instructional Advisory Committee, or IAC. Dr. Henderson, Assistant Superintendent and member of IAC, shared that, “We wanted to be more streamlined to the state process and inclusive to the parents and community.” Dr. Henderson also met with Chris Kenton, the Chair of the PSB to review our districts process to ensure alignment with state and federal requirements. This new process gives more of an opportunity for those who spend the most time with teachers, or communicating with teachers, to let their voices be heard as to who should be teacher of the year.

This new process allows members of the Capital School District Community the opportunity to nominate one or multiple teachers though the online form When nomination time closes on January 15th, the building principals will contact teachers to inform them of their nomination and to verify if they wish to remain on the ballot. The final vote for each building will take place in   each individual school.

Once a teacher is selected as the representative for his or her building, the next steps are to fill out an application and be observed in his or her classroom by a committee of district administration,,and  past District TOY’s  . A interview committee made up of administrators, TOY’s,  parent/ community, board member and a DHS student will interview all 12 candidates.  The district teacher of the year is announced at a special dinner in the spring, and then the representative goes on to compete at the state level.

The district is very excited about this new process and Dr. Henderson agrees, “We are hoping for a wealth of nominations and we can’t wait to hear all the great things our parents, students and community are saying about our teachers.”

The opportunity to nominate your teachers will end on January 15, 2018, so hurry and get your nomination in today!