Author: Mai Gibson

The Nutcracker, A Perfect Gateway Into the Magic of Theater

To most, The Nutcracker is a classic tale of magic and wonder, one that they can look back to and remember from their own young childhood days. Despite the lack of dialog in most ballet renditions, it’s a story that can still be fully appreciated and understood thanks to the music, dances, and sentiment attached to it. Almost anyone can agree that when they hear just a single part of one Nutcracker song, they are instantly reminded of the first time they went to see it. To some, it’s the imaginative backgrounds and costumes that have caused the fond...

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First Time Flag Football Team Makes It To Semifinals

This year, Dover High School debuted a brand new sports team for students to join- The Unified Flag Football Team. This would be the first time Dover is participating in a new statewide high school league, which is only on its second season and currently has twelve teams.   The league, inspired by the Delaware Special Olympics starting their own two years ago, is comprised of KCCS students for the most part, but also lets any others students join.   The brand new team has already exceeded expectations with a winning  record of 5 to 1 and had advanced into the State Semifinals. But what’s more important to the young team, is the strong support of the Dover community, which is evident at every game. At their very first game, where they beat Caesar Rodney in just the last seconds, the Dover Varsity and JV football teams were out there on the sidelines, cheering with many other fans who had come out to watch.   Coach Gavin Schukoske, says that he gets around “five people a day” coming to talk to him about the progress of the team and how well they are doing. “It’s been a great opportunity for the KCCS students and has allowed them to come out of the shadows and truly feel like part of the community,” Schukowske shared.   David Simms, a KCCS student...

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