Month: February 2018

A magical Once Upon This Island premiers this weekend!

“Lights, Camera, and Action!! It’s that time of year again for a show where our incredibly hardworking drama students are able to showcase their talent and creative outlets. This weekend, Once On This Island, which also has been performed on Broadway, is coming to Dover High. The lead roles of Tia Moune, played by Abria Pegues, and Daniel, played by Eli August are supported by Jayda Young and Joshua August, as Tia’s parents, and the Island Gods, played by are Rhyan Pierce, Bella Shade, Avery Young, and Emma Zimmerman. Teachers Ms. Greene and Ms. Hess are co-directing the show. “It is...

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PBS needs to hear from you!

Positive Behavior Support, or PBS, has been supported by the University of Delaware at Dover High School for the past few years. Headed by DHS teachers, Dr. Carter and Mr. Bailey, and supported by all administration, PBS is present all throughout our school and even in events such as sports games and the organization is in need of feedback from students, parents, and the Dover High School community. Dr. Carter says that the survey is given to track the support of kids in a positive way. Another positive aspect of the PBS survey is the connection to the program...

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Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to Minneapolis!

By: Kyle Hawk Staff Reporter The Birds will fly once again in the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 4th at 6:30pm. It’s been 14 years since the last time the Philadelphia Eagles were in the biggest game of them all, and they are hoping for a redemption win against the New England Patriots.  The Patriots defeated the Eagles 24-21 during Super Bowl  XXXIX. Shortly after that devastating loss, the Patriots were caught in several cheating scandals. Some of these incidents include the Patriots recording other teams practices, their players testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, and, most recently, going...

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